Painting on ... cheongsams!

Painting on fabric ... first time ever. Sending them back tomorrow for final sewing. What is happening? Ok ... secret . Can’t say much except “watch this space” . I will start painting on canvas next week ... 3 pieces. Sssh ... don’t disturb but you know I am always game for lunch and tea and coffee and ... ice cream n waffles! 😂

The Sound of Art

The Sound of Art is a new gallery right in the Central Business District. It is located on the 9th floor, Capital Tower, 168 Robinson Road. My art journey has evolved, gosh, I can't believe how much it has evolved, it seems to have a life of its own! God be with me, I will manage it as it comes. Haha... no plans, no idea what is going to happen, as usual,.. que sera sera BUT i want to register my heartfelt thanks to my dear friend ( an old Sunday School student from years ago) who connected me to THIS, Mr Poh YK , thank you so much ! #TGBAG

"I'M ABLE" Launch

I run a legit commercial entity. When approached to do this project, I was hesitant at first. Seriously, I may not have the bandwidth. But then again, it would be such a waste if I don't. What an opportunity and how really meaningful it would be, to be able to provide a platform to showcase the talents of these special folks, have their works recognised and valued.Well, I could not do this alone, I activated 2 of my gfs and we started working ... 6 months ago. Boy, we worked and very hard. Well, the time has come, tomorrow is the Launch of SG Enable's initiative 'I'M ABLE'. It is a drive about affirmation and inclusion. SG E is sparing no efforts in this launch. The GOH is a VVVIP! They even

The Full Orchid Covers Ensemble

The last 2 designs of the cushion covers arrived this morning. The fabric ? Made in Korea. The sewing? Ahh ... done by a very reputable tailor in Singapore. Colorfast and machine washable. 😊 Of cos, I couldn’t wait to display them! 😂

A Celebration of Abilities

I am no writer, so to have my name on the front page of a book that I did not write is not only very special, it is something out of the ordinary! The writers were kind to me and I was absolutely delighted and yes, in seventh heaven! Hey, a lot of people illustrate books but I think having the illustrator's name on front cover is a rarity! I have never seen any book with and artist's sharing the 'limelight' with the author/ authors. My friends included me and that in itself spoke volumes of the kindred spirit and the kind of teamwork we have had. Appreciate that and love so much to be included on the cover! The good doctor is a learned scholar. He has written many books and he is really a

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