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"I'M ABLE" Launch

I run a legit commercial entity. When approached to do this project, I was hesitant at first. Seriously, I may not have the bandwidth. But then again, it would be such a waste if I don't. What an opportunity and how really meaningful it would be, to be able to provide a platform to showcase the talents of these special folks, have their works recognised and valued.Well, I could not do this alone, I activated 2 of my gfs and we started working ... 6 months ago. Boy, we worked and very hard. Well, the time has come, tomorrow is the Launch of SG Enable's initiative 'I'M ABLE'. It is a drive about affirmation and inclusion. SG E is sparing no efforts in this launch. The GOH is a VVVIP! They even roped in MediaCorp artists and many like minded vendors for a special 'I'M ABLE' GIFT MARKET!My gfs and I consider ourselves blessed to be part of this. The whole purpose of our involvement is aimed at some form of self sufficiency for our special friends. Thank u so much for your support and encouragement, we are touched by the warmth of the community on social media.

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