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2022 is my year, the year of the roaring tiger! Sixty is 60. In numerals or alphabet, in any language… 60 is 60. Let camera filters kid you not, no way we can turn back the clock. Seriously, no matter how young we look, our bodies cannot defy gravity, the parts have deteriorated with age. It takes a lot longer to bounce back when we fall sick, we experienced some lapses in our memory and like it or not, we aren’t as sharp as before. No escaping, we just need to embrace our season in life and learn to laugh a lot with our family and friends but most of all, I think we must be able to laugh at ourselves!

Lots have happened in the past decade. Somehow, I have earned enough stripes to become a bona fide artist. This has turned around my life. I have been busy working happily and my days are full.

2 things I did in 2021, both I will continue and hope to do better. One, I did 4 pieces of work focusing on the female human body, focusing on muscles, skin texture, skin tone and facial features. I have somehow grasped the skills and so I will not turn away such commissions anymore but I will state that I paint only naked backs!

The other thing that I will continue to do is to paint for fundraisers to support worthy causes. 2021 was a bumper year for me in terms of number of paintings used and money raised. The generosity of supporters surpassed my year’s income!

I am so happy that my works have received much favour and can actually be used to raise money for meaningful work.

2022 … my year… the year of the Tiger. What is in store for me? I don’t know but I am excited … #TGBAG

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