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Famous ???!!!

One of the things I love about working with children is the earnestness in their work, especially in things they like. In this case, I always make sure the kids themselves want to come paint with me. No one should force them. They must like to paint and they must like to work alongside me. I am not a trained teacher, I can only say I guide them along. Sincerity and innocence are so very precious. I feel it with the kids. One can always believe them wholeheartedly because children say what they mean and mean what they say. I wish I have more time but well, I can't spend time as I used to. With little pockets of time here and there, there is a young chap in the neighbourhood who can pop in and out, at my, more often than not, last minute timing. So he came and this was what was transpired in the 2 hours with me, yesterday.

Auntie Glacy, are u famous ? No, I am not. You are famous right ? No, I am not. But you are.... No, who said I am ? My father says you are very famous! Your father? He doesn't know lah. But you are very famous right ???

Aiyoo, at this point, I was really getting exasperated at being "famous", so I said...

C, so ok, I am famous. You better paint properly or I will NOT allow you to say that I taught you how to paint the bird ! And since I am so famous, you can be sure I will NEVER allow you to bring the bird home if it is not painted properly !!! You understand ?

After my 'famous' explosion, it was like my very young neighbour had an epiphany. He knew I meant what I said. Haha... At the corner of my eye, I saw him took a few steps back, looked at his painting again, picked up his brush and began each stroke purposefully and carefully. 😉

* Status of C's Kingfisher after 5 hours work over 2 days.

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