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Some kind of wonderful

Can you even believe this? A cake made out of my own design? Well, I had one specially made for me by a talented baker, tonight. Cakes from Ten Butter Fingers not only look good, they taste as good as they look. This is the second cake we ordered from TBF and we are totally bowled over each time. Each order is not just an order of cake, the creative process starts immediately once the order is received. They ask questions, they research, they make one cake... just for that particular person.

Ten Butter Fingers' cakes are art forms, not just mere cakes. Painstakingly put together with care and effort, each piece itself a class if its own. This one is so special to me. One of my favorite Peranakan designs is used as template for the cake design. It is a chai tea fresh cream cake with white chocolate & rum ganache. The balance of sweetness and spice perfect. We totally love it. Thank you so much TBF.

It is one thing to see my work on coasters and mats, it is another to see it on a cake and quite another to 'eat it'... haha do I describe it? Some kind of wonderful? :) I am definitely going to have sweet dreams tonight.

Check out my favourite baker at ...

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