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Living@55 : A GS momento

The idea of the specs cloth came from our Swiss Aunt Christine when Gordon and I visited her last year in Basel, Switzerland. Aunt Christine is an art lover. She took us to museums, walks in the parks and quaint cafes. She gave me one and told me I should explore the idea. It will make a quaint gift. It took a while to find the cloth and I also found the right occasion to make it. Made 100 pieces of my signature exhibition painting on the cloth as a momento for Living@55. I decided that 100 is the max number for this and all my future specs cloths, if I ever make anymore. I sell them all, good. If I don't, it is ok. I won't cry.

And would you believe it ? I have just sold out my 100 pcs of this limited edition of the specs cloth! #TGBAG

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