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#109 Venetian Gondolas Oil on canvas 40"x 30" Donation to Bone Marrow Donor Program Gala Painting will be framed. Frame donated by Mrs Carolyn Tan. Painting is an interpretation of an original photograph by Mr Gordon Yh Tan.

Not too long ago, someone said to me, "paint things with a social theme". I sensed a big hint of censure, a large tinge of cynicism and a huge dose of disapproval at what I have been churning out. I will be lying if I say I wasn't bothered. I did lose some sleep and I thought hard about it. In the end, I chose not to be bothered by these comments. To each his own. His mouth. He says what he likes. I went along with my gut feel, I continue to paint things that are positive and pray that my work will bring a little cheer, offer maybe a small hope and perhaps bring on a teeny smile. This piece is for the Bone Marrow Donor Program Gala ... just a row of Gondolas at the end of a work day on the Venetian Lagoon. No blood, no gore, not even red paint. The intent of this piece, yes ... to be auctioned. All funds raised for BMDP. I pray and I believe God will send the buyer. If you are interested, please text me privately. I will connect you to the organizers. There is a reserve price though. Ya... Almost... ready ... for ... La Dolce Vita !

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