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Three name cards

Some people may find it strange because I have since have had 3 name cards so far. Considering it has only been 4 years, it is actually quite a lot! It is a deliberate attempt on my part, to keep my calling cards current. Kudos to my graphic and web designers, they have maintained a consistently even look in spite of the changes. On all my cards and FB page and website, everything is properly aligned.

I have noticed that when I give my cards, people usually do a double take (I think it is because it is so colorful?) and then, they will start asking me a question or two. A very good ice breaker. Hahaha... happened so often, still happening.

Three name cards since I started painting seriously, well, to be more precise, since I started accepting commission orders and retailing my work. Each card showcased 3 favourite paintings at that time.

I collected the latest name cards today from the shop and thought it would be nice to dig out the old ones, line them up and see how they look next to each other.

Well, well, well.... I have only one comment, I think my work has changed over time and I hope it is for the better !!!

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