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God will send the buyers

September 14, 2017


I always get the jitters, the butterflies in the stomach. Every single time. Before and during an exhibition. All the months of hard work may very well come to nothing. I tell myself that God willing, He will send the buyers. If He doesn't. it is NOT the end of the world. I will learn from the experience and that itself is  a huge pocket of wealth. 


Well, almost 2 weeks into the exhibition, I think I did pretty alright, in that I moved some merchandise and sold a few prints.


Never expected something so 'spectacular'  to happen. Today, I scored a big deal. 3 original paintings, 2 of which were signature pieces, were sold. I had told myself before I met my client that I will not be disappointed if it comes to nought. The buyer had requested to see the originals. Initially, I was not quite willing to sell. We chatted and  he was agreeable to the idea that I will continue selling my prints and he is aware that some of these artworks are already on merchandise. That started me thinking... why not ? 


Well, The Bride Painting was sold very quickly. The other two, he had to measure his wall. Well, I reached home, the text came, they fit his wall, he will take all 3 ! Can't believe my eyes !!!  I thank God for sending this wonderful buyer, I can now say that ALL my signature pieces in this year's exhibitions have all been sold. I can't tell you how happy, how pleased I am. Will be smiling in my sleep tonight. Night all. :) zzzz

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