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Haw Par Villa is my 5th retail point !

Haw Par Villa... a park that brings back many childhood memories. Been there numerous times as a child with my Pa, Mum and my siblings. After every visit, I would tell myself I must be a good and honest person, otherwise... !!!! Hahaha...

Today, I set foot onto the grounds of Haw Par Villa once again, nostalgia filled me, the statues and figurines are still there, I saw and recognised the many Chinese Classics casted in stone and clay. I remember the many photos we took as a family. I think we visited every Chinese New Year !

So what was I doing there? Well, I received a call last week and an appointment was fixed to meet today. I did some research prior to my meeting. Found out that Award winning Heritage Tour Operator, Journey's Private Limited ( they managed 3 of the TOP 5 Tourist Spots In Singapore), has been appointed to manage and operate the Park. Their corporate vision is to position Singapore as a heritage destination of choice and with Haw Par Villa, the aim to return it to its former glory and more. It is after all, the world's only eclectic Chinese mythological park of its kind. There is going to be a big bash soon but before that, a soft launch is in the works.

Truly an honor for me to receive a call of this nature, truly a privilege to be invited to participate in the relaunch of Haw Par Villa. Yes, we firmed it up this afternoon, my merchandise will be sold there and some of my paintings will be showcased in one of their pavilions. Hahaha... in case you are wondering what kind of paintings, no fear, I know what you are thinking, let me assure you, NOTHING like what you are thinking !!! :)

Soft launch happening October 28 and 29. Do pop by if you are in the vicinity. :)

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