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The Chinese Zodiac Showcase at Chinatown Heritage Centre, Jan 2018

Truth be told, I did not expect to put up another showcase so soon. I have had been busy this year of 2017 but things happened and so I just went along with the flow. Seems like my art journey is full of many twists and turns. If you are surprised, I can tell you I am no different. I am just as SURPRISED !!!

The idea of the Chinese Zodiac Series came from the one very creative Director of Chinatown Heritage Centre. She tossed the idea at me. To work on it and localising it is a challenge. I was hard pressed for time as 12 designs require a lot of work. I thought hard about it and decided to take this up, the idea of co sharing my workload was a brainwave! I moved fast, approached Meredith Tan and asked her if she would like to work with me? Was so glad she agreed and then we started work full swing. 12 paintings later for me, 12 animal signs from her, we completed them in good time. The work did not just end with the completion of our work. We went through every design, every animal to match each pair. All glory to God Almighty who saw us through this project.

Behind the scenes of each exhibition is a long list of things to do. A poster is required. The paintings have to be scanned. A frame has to be chosen, is there enough material to frame 12? Single matting or double matting ? Decisions have to be made. The printer has to do test runs of the prints to ensure the consistency of colors. Same for the supplier making the merchandise. The inserts or backing of the dust cloths have to be printed but first the copy has to be done and the lay out designed and then over to the printers'. Etcetera etcetera etcetera.... I survived and I thank God for all the people He sent my way.

Many I want to thank ...

First, my thanks to Margaret for the idea.

Meredith for agreeing to work with me ! ;)

CY, Adeline for research and copy writing.

Angela for designs of my poster and inserts.

Joyce for scanning and printing.

Lenny, my printer and framer for rushing out this job for me, for patience in matching the colors of prints with my originals.

Joe my supplier for setting time aside for this.

Amanda, JY and staff of CHC for putting up my work and displaying my merchandise.

And finally,

Thank you, my friends for support and affirmation.

All that I need to do, I have done. Last three things left, I give thanks, pray and hold my breath.

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