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Ok ... green light given. Project in full swing, I can start talking about it. You see, an old Friend from Varsity Christian Fellowship ( back in 1982/83?) one Dr Tan Lai Yong asked me if I wanted to be involved in a book project that he is co-writing with a spunky young lady, Ms Jacqueline Woo. They write and I provide 7 to 8 pcs of my work for this book. Dr Tan LY is a senior lecturer in the College of Alice and Peter Tan, NUS. He spent 14 years in rural Yunnan as a medical missionary. He has written many books, spoken to many and touched many lives. His work at HealthServe with migrant workers (he is well known for that!) takes up a huge chunk of his time every weekend. Amongst my friends, he is probably one of the MOST famous, having been featured so many times over by the press, locally and internationally. 😱 Jac Woo was an MGS, ACJC, NUS Alumnus. I met her through Lai Yong. Jac suffers from dystonia. Dystonia is a state of abnormal muscle tone resulting in muscular spasm and abnormal posture, due to neurological disorder. In spite of this, Jac’s cheerful, positive and lively. Her MGS teachers told me that Jac Woo is a model of determination and humility. Many can learn from her example and be inspired to see beyond their limitations and circumstances to God's provision and love. In my email and text exchanges with her, I see her sparkle and twinkle, sometimes w a cheeky “jibe”! Haha ... 😉. She is a lovely soul. This is Jac’s first book and my first ‘book’ experience as well. We are both enjoying and learning the process of book publishing via the good but old fashioned doc. And of cos, we are both SO EXCITED! 🤣 I am honoured to partner LY and Jac in this project. Here are the details that I can provide for now ... Title of book : “LET US CONSIDER” Date of launch : end October, 2019 Appreciate your support and if possible, can I request that you CONSIDER us before you buy your Christmas gifts, can ? 😂🤣😝

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