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Dragon Fruit Flower

22 hours, over 5 working days. Thought I should post it here as well as not all my friends follow me on my art page. 😉 I want to hit 1000 organic likes lah and it is taking me forever to even get to 850! 😞“Organic” means genuine likes, not “bought” by way of paying FB money to notch up my numbers. Why LIKE ? Credibility and affirmation. Helps a lot when prospective customers look. 🙂 Ok, a bit of background into this painting. I have a lot of friends, they hail from all sorts of backgrounds, occupations etc ... regardless of race, language or religion and also political parties! 😉 Quite a few of my friends like to send me photos. This particular one, he sends me flowers ( photographs). 😉Mostly blooms from his garden. My friend, Dr Tan Cheng Bock has really green fingers! And ... he has just PASSED me! He said “Wow. So realistic!” Phew!!! 😅

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