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I thought I will wrap up all activities for my work after the Afghan Fundraiser. Well, it appears to be not so. I guess the year is not over for me yet, I have to work some more. About a month ago, the husband asked me if I could help. He told me that it is for the homeless and displaced in Singapore. I was like " Huh? There are HOMELESS people here??? WHO are they?? " I was then told that most of them are people who have been incarcerated or have been kicked out of the homes for inability to pay rent or for some reason or other. New Hope Community Services' mission is to bring hope and restore dignity to their lives. The work of transitional shelters, job retraining and placements help to achieve that. Very meaningful, beyond providing housing, it is about rebuilding lives. I agreed. At the same time, I am worried as I have been asking people to contribute money to help since the beginning of the year. From helping the terminally ill to Afghan women and children and now to homeless in Singapore. Aiyooo... How huh? As I write, I told myself not to worry unnecessarily, I shall just share the concern and pray that some of my friends here will feel led. I gave the husband two paintings to market with 100% proceeds of the sales to support this fundraiser. Last week, a bid came for the Festive Kuehs painting ... and last night... would you believe it???? ... another bid came, this time for Festive CNY Wear(Cheongsams). YES !!!! GOD never fails to amaze me. I will testify here that EVERY SINGLE TIME, HE SENDS A BUYER. May GOD BLESS THESE KIND SOULS RICHLY. The pieces are still open for bids, until the end of December. Let me know if you are keen to participate, I will connect you. One more thing, if you want something else painted, I am availing myself for a commission with all proceeds to New Hope. There is a dollar for dollar matching going on from a Board, hence, the drive to reach a target. All donations above $50 are entitled to 250% tax deduction. Here is the link!H00043ZR God Bless You, my friends. #TGBAG


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