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Almost Famous

The one feature of Facebook that I really like is "memories". They are stored nicely there, intact, for my own private viewing. This morning, I was pleasantly drafted back in time to a post I did in 2017. I had compiled the times me and my work had been featured in public media. I thought it a good time for me to step back and do a rewind. And so, I searched my posts. Here's an update. I hope some of my special clients/ friends (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!!)are reading this. AIYOO, I cannot promise I will be famous lah...well, in my case, cut me some slack.... ALMOST, can or not ?

UPDATE : 2015 TO now Sept 2015 CNN 4 seconds airtime exposure Oct 2015 Interview with LittleDayOut: Ask the experts/ Art lessons 101 Jan 2016 Harpers Art Review Nov 2017 LianHeZaoBao April 2019 Prime Magazine Dec 2019 Jan 2020 Straits Times May 2020 Ok, seriously now, it is OBVIOUS, don't you think? Yes, I have a lot of friends, but I don't have them in the every nook and corner of the economy. My point is that I could not have possibly pulled any string to get this kind of publicity. LOL... if I have, I will be SUPER FAMOUS NOW ! 2015 was the year I started my company, the husband told me to give it 3 years. If I am going nowhere, he told me, just close shop. Miraculously, I am going into my 6th year now. #TGBAG


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