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Fare thee well ...

One of the most meaningful part of my art journey is the opportunity of collaboration with HCA Hospice. Over 2 series of works of 10 paintings, I have the honour of sharing my canvases with a quite a few HCA patients. My encounters were short and brief. After painting, I know it is most unlikely that our paths will cross again.

About a month ago, HCA approached me. This time it is to help out in “A GOOD DAY” project, specifically to fulfil a patient’s last wish to complete a painting. I agreed and spent an afternoon with Mr D the week after. We completed the painting. He had enjoyed the session and I was asked if I could go visit again and guide him along. The date was set for last Thursday but the session was cancelled because D was too weak.

Moments ago, I received news tt D has passed. This is the first time I learnt of a death of my co-painters. It hit me. I had just met him and was supposed to see him again!!!

Life is transient, so very fragile. I am a little shocked that he went so fast. I am saddened by the news but am glad that I was able to help fulfil his wish. What really moves me is that the painting has brought comfort to the family.

Thank God for the gift of painting. Thank God for opportunities to use my art.


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