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Hello 2021

Bird paintings take a while, so this piece is no where near complete. A layering process is required, bottom layer has to dry before I load on the next. I decided to use this as my corporate greeting anyway! So, from me at GlacySoh.Art and all of us at GlacySohArt Designs Pte Ltd, here’s a big thank you for the support and encouragement!

I have had an interesting year in 2020. While retail is down, I have been kept busy all year with painting orders.

I closed 2020 with an order for my jumbo coasters on the last day of the year and I will begin 2021 with a delivery on Monday. Indeed, God Almighty has been really awesome.

I will enter 2021 with the assurance of God's love, His faithfulness and I will trust that He will watch and protect me. Like the birds, I will not worry, I will continue to "sing" with my brush and paints and let my Lord determine my steps.

Happy New Year to all .

* Painting is incomplete. It is an oil piece based on an original photograph by Mr Lim Khoon Hin.


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