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i12 Katong / SOUND OF ART Joint Promotion 18/19 June 2022



Commissioned by i12 Katong and Sound of Art, I was given 4 weeks to complete these 2 paintings. Size 24” by 36” Acrylic on canvas. The theme is “Katong”.

There is a lot of material about Katong. The heritage buildings, the yummy food and the unique culture. A lot of ideas came to mind. In the end, I decided to do a piece on buildings. I was cautioned that the red Katong Bakery and the colourful Peranakan houses have been painted by many. How do I make mine different? I decided to collage them onto one canvas. Good idea but very tough on execution. There are so many details on the buildings! AIYOO, now I know why! Too late. No turning back! So I persevered and ta da, over shot by 2 days but I think it looked pretty ok. I hope. I named this piece GEMS of KATONG.

On the second piece, I wanted to highlight the peranakan culture that is so much a part of Katong/ Joo Chiat area. I wanted to paint beautiful Sarong Kebayas and I also wanted to paint the tingkats and baskets. And so I attempted. Not the standard “posy” still life kind of work, my piece has 5 little Nonyas dashing out of their house to play. I named it … THE LITTLE NONYAS.

I will be on-site at i12 Mall this Sunday. 1 to 8pm. Come look for me. I invite you to paint on my canvases!

Both pieces are up for silent auction, with ALL proceeds to KAMPUNG SIGLAP, a training and retreat centre for the displaced in Singapore.


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