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This week I went twice n there r another 3 more meetings planned. I worked and will be working w patients at the Hospice. What really breaks me is that these new friends I made are all at the last chapter of their lives, literally counting the days. On each person’s lips, “last stage” is what I hear. It is heart breaking.

My hats off to HCA Hospice Care, they provide at no charge, support and comfort, regardless of race, language, religion or financial status. Only condition, doctor’s prognosis must be one year or under. The gov subsidises more than half of the HCA’s running expenses and they raise the rest.

Thank God for the 2 Canossian nuns who started this and God bless all the folks running this organisation.

I am happy to be part of this project. I have been so touched by the kindness all around me. Grateful to SOA gallery for thinking of me and getting me involved.


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