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Now we have 2 !!!

The idea of collaboration with Ying actually started brewing about 3 years ago but nothing concrete happened. I spoke to her about our turning 60 this year and making it really special. Let’s give back, something like a thanksgiving to God Almighty for giving us this gift to work w our hands. Both of us started late as painters. Ying’s artistry is not limited to painting. For our collaboration work, she is not painting!

The lavender piece for Assisi Hospice was confirmed very quickly. I got a classmate to underwrite the painting at $5000. God bless the KIND soul. Last Saturday, a bid came in because a kind Angel saw my Instagram post and contacted me w a bid for $6000. I was so thrilled, so very excited. Today, my excitement continues because I received confirmation for another collaboration pc. This time it is a commission painting w a price tag of $5000! Proceeds to Assisi Hospice


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