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Peranakan Series : The Wedding Collection

One of my top selling sets has got to be the Peranakan Series. The first set of Peranakan coasters came about in 2016. It sold out very fast and I launched the 2017 set a year and half later. The second set sold even faster and there was a second production in 2019 of more sets. Covid 19 slowed down the retail business and I thought it wise to put the plan of new series on hold.

Well, July 2022, I am pleased to announce that I am

launching the new series of Peranakan themed coasters... The Wedding Collection.

Peranakan weddings are very much influenced by Chinese customs and traditions. This set of wedding coasters was put together with help from Dr Cynthia Seet, Ms Nicole Lim, Rumah Kim Choo and Mrs Rosie Tan.

Available only online at this juncture, orders can be placed in my online store at


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