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A friend once asked me how I felt when people looked at my paintings. Honestly, it was unnerving at first but over the years, I have since grown a thicker hide, my spirit has toughened and my heart has certainly become a lot stronger. I have come to terms that there will be those who like and there will always be those who dislike. Art is so subjective, so personal, you just can’t win them all. Whilst I have gotten used to the idea of people looking at my work, I wasn’t quite prepared to hear about people ‘learning’ about my work! Well, it came to light only yesterday tt a certain education centre featured me in their study of local artists . They not only downloaded my work to show the children, they did an observational study on the techniques. They looked at the colours, the lines, shapes etc. Wow … SERIOUSLY???!!! I can’t believe it and I can’t stop grinning! I was and a day later, am still thrilled w absolute delight! Who would have thought that little kids would be ‘studying’ a GlacySohArt piece of work??? Certainly, not me! #TGBAG

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