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Tower Bersama

2020 is a year I will not forget for a long long time. The retail business tanked and a few of the tourists outlets where I parked my merchandise closed for renovations. Lockdown has certainly caused a lot of hurt to the economy but in spite of all that, I seemed busier than before, strangely the orders for painting jobs came, one , two, then three... it continued and then it seems like I have been busy the whole year long, working from one commission to another.

Tower Bersama is a gift from heaven. From out of the blue, a text came from an angel and then she connected me and then more exchange and before I know it, I had the order in my hand. Big order in every sense of the word, a massive piece measuring 60inches by 48inches. I took one full month to paint this and today, the client said to me " Wow, very nice ! " Music to my ears, truly satisfying to hear that from a happy and satisfied client.

I give thanks for this honour of painting for the new office of a huge conglomerate. I am grateful for the favour bestowed on me. Thank you for the opportunity, I know I have been so blessed with this privilege.


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