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20 000 households and more ...

Smartcomm World recently launched a community platform in partnership with Ulu Pandan District. Access points in the format of QR refrigerator magnets were issued to over 20,000 households. Last month I was told tt GlacySohArt has been included in this community portal.

Today, I received a text telling me tt I have also been included in Kampong Gelam On-site QR.

The art industry is highly competitive, very subjective and seriously full of ambiguity. Creating awareness, getting recognised, recommended and affirmed are necessary to carve out a little space for yourself. Painting is easiest part, selling is hardest. An art piece w a name, even a little known is a lot easier to sell. As such, PUBLICITY is important.

I am very thankful for this inclusion. The boys are still working w us but this extension of my work has been super quiet these 2 years. We welcome your enquiries.

Once again, dear friend THANK YOU for this !


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