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I was ill prepared for the retailing world. I believe, topmost on every retailer's mind is to move the stocks. I was no different. That was on my mind of cos. I didn't think too much of other things. I was hoping that I will clear my stocks. I didn't think of packaging or presentation. When there were multiple sales, I just used whatever I have as carrier bags. The good looking bags in my store room were soon depleted and when I had to resort to using plastic ones, I knew I had to move into action quick. I made a decision to make my own. Decided on ecobags after looking through several options. Primarily because they are environment friendly and they were not that expensive. I was told people reuse ecobags but throw away paper bags??? Haha...ok, I chose to believe that! :) While making the bag, I made my ribbons as well. Presentation is half the battle. I know my boxes are good on their own, there is no need for a wrapper but I will bring it up a notch higher by providing the customised ribbons on the boxes meant as gifts. An added service upon request. :)

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