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Listing into Retail Outlets

The process of listing a product into an outlet is not simple. Things are more difficult if one is just an OMO and not a full fledged company with existing products or relationship with the outlets. How then does one break through? Well, it first begin with a product. The product somehow has to find favor with the retail owners. Hahaha... yes, the product has to 'curry favour" ! Lots of currying to do. Sometimes, there is more than one hurdle to clear. Yes, it is a process of collecting many NODS and many YESes. Many established outlets have many tiers of managers. There are cases when it entails seeking approval from a big committee of many decision makers.

Knocking on doors to even get an audience for one to present can be an Everest task. I had my fair share of rejections. But, more importantly, keep trying. If one door refuses to open, try another. Don't give up.

The first outlet is probably the hardest and the biggest task on hand. Once the first is set up, the rest seems a lot easier. So, I will say, pick your first outlet carefully. I didn't take the first shop that offered me their space. No, I turned them down, even though the outlet was in a reputable mall but the product mix in the shop did not quite gel with mine, so I said NO.

There is no need to rush. If you are convinced that you have a good product, there will be opportunities. If you are not quite convinced, work on it a bit more. Product development takes time. Something that cannot be rushed. And seriously, one must first believe in your own product before you can convince others. So, make sure, you have a GOOD one.

These are just my notes on listing. I was blessed to have help, my friends linked and connected me. From one to another, to another to yet another. But, I say it again, even if you have all the help in the world, it will come to nought as the number one thing to have is a good product.

Been a most exciting month of May, I ended it with my third retail outlet, The Chinatown Heritage Centre. YAY !!!

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