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I have been busy these past weeks. Busy listing and delivering my mats and coasters. OMO. Small set up, got to do everything myself. Getting my merchandise into the outlets is an exciting experience. To think that the stores actually want to stock them and believe they can sell is a big deal and a WOW thing to me.

So what happens next, now that the stocks are in ? Honestly, I am anxious and is concerned. Top most on my mind... What if no one buys ? A scary thought !!! Can happen. I told myself not to think about it and totally blank it off my mind. I steer myself from negative thoughts by immersing myself in a new piece I am working on.

Over dinner tonight, I had 2 missed calls. It was a number that I did not recognise. To call me twice, I gathered it must be important. So I called back. Well, what do you know ? It was from one of the outlets. Apparently, they are running low on stocks, they could not wait till Monday. They had to call me on a Saturday night as the stocks must be replenished soonest... on Monday !!! YAY !!!!

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