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art and the artist

Someone told me, people do not just buy art, they buy the artist as well. I had pondered over this for quite a while and if it holds true, I hope this artist in me can justify the value of the artwork that my clients are paying for. :)

I have been much blessed, the affirmation by my clients, both individual and institutional have been substantial. It geared me up and beefed up my confidence, I can now say it squarely to anyone I get introduced to " I am an artist". I will also add that I have never been happier, more fulfilled and more satisfied in a job.

In spite of the nods I have been getting, I still get the nerves whenever the topic of getting an art collector/ expert to view my work is brought up. This would be the ultimate dare. Get an unbiased and professional assessment. But, time and time again, I am too much of a chicken to do it. WHAT IF ??? AIYOOOO. In the past three years, although my heart is decidedly stronger and my skin increasingly thicker, I still cannot bring myself to show to art collector friends. Well, it happened tonight, at some dinner, my work was shown to some art collectors. Not by me! Guess who ? What was said, I shan't repeat but I will divulge that tonight's sleep will be most sweet. I am likely to smile all night! Hahaha... Night all.

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