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Luck? NO !!!

The momentum of my journey caught many by surprise. If I say everything out loud, recounting each incident one by one, I am quite sure there will be goosebumps aplenty. Some stuff best left unsaid as it could be so easily misconstrued as "trumpeting".

Well, some people attributed it to luck. Others made analysis and came out with theories of my service in church, my hospitality to friends and etcetera etcetera. Too many theories of my so called 'phenomenal success'. Seriously, I want to make it known that all that has happened, not humanly possible. HOW ??? For one, I can't be all that lucky and two, I can't possibly be planning all those moves and getting them orchestrated to fall in nicely, perfect timing, perfect place and with the perfect people? The coincidences uncanny. Too many times. SERIOUSLY, please, nobody including myself have any idea that I will get a second wind in my career at this time of my life and of all things in the world, PAINTING ??? Yes, 3 years, I worked very hard, harder than a lot of people and I have achieved much, been blessed so much so that it look so incredulous. So there, I say it out loud here, here is what I think happened, this is what I believe... in my heart, in my mind, in my soul.

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