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Going places

Like a lot of people, I love to travel. How I wish I could just pack up and be a true globetrotter, tour the world, see new places, meet new people, listen to new languages, understand each country's way of life. Need a lot of time to do this, need also a lot of money. Haha... so, while there are limitations at my end, I am so glad that my coasters and mats have gone ahead of me, to many places, more than I have ever travelled in my life. In the coming weeks, I know some sets are going to Germany, Brazil, Denmark (Copenhagen ) and last night an SMS came, yes, an order .... a gift for a friend in Spain.

I keep track, at least those I know ..... I keep a list of the places my work has gone to. Out of curiosity and out of fun. Here it is :

1. Malaysia

2. Indonesia

3. China

4. Japan

5. Hong Kong

6. Australia

7. New Zealand

8. Canada

9. USA

10. Russia

11. Israel

12. England

13 Hawaii

14. Norway

15. Switzerland

16. Vietnam

17. Netherlands


19. Denmark

20. Brazil

21. Spain

22.Canary Islands, Africa

23. Mumbai, India

24. Ireland

25. Paris, France

It is quite a long list, ya? YAY !!!

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