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Coming soon ... Series on National Monuments

Architecture Sketch Art is a tedious and painful art form. I decided on the theme of National Monuments in this third series of 'SKETCHES OF SINGAPORE' but I never expected it to sap out so much of me !!! Haha... it was a very tough 4 weeks working on these. It was difficult to match pillar for pillar, aligned window for window, too many lines, too many details and demanded way too much time. I persevered and slogged on. I was exhausted after completing this series. Thank God !!! The complete line of merchandise, comprising coasters, mats and mugs are in production now. Phew !!! I am waiting to receive my first shipment soon. :)

Through it all, I have learnt and benefitted much. In my kind of work, there is no end to our learning curve. Every single time, I learn and I discover something new. The detailing demands these past weeks sharpened my observation skills, my eye on perspectives and proportions of buildings have improved heaps. It was hard work but it was worth sweating over it.

I hope this series do justice to the beautiful shots taken by my photographer friends. They spent hours taking these images for me. I am so grateful to have such friends, a true blessing in my life.

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