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One Year...

Dec 3, 2016. Today marks the start of the second year of my company. Time flies and believe me, I didn't even notice it till the phone prompted me about a week ago !!! Been busy, I barely notice how fast each day zooms past.

Taking stock of my art journey today. I know I have been blessed. MUCH blessed.

I have a consistent flow of work orders. Been steady. The commissions are not just from friends or friends' friends, I am now getting work from people I do not know!

Incredible it may sound , in this year I have added names to my corporate/ institutional client list. I am so honoured and so privileged to call Singapore Management University, Singapore University of Technology and Design, National University of Singapore, Methodist Girls' School, Singapore Armed Forces and United Overseas Bank as MY CLIENTS.

On the retail front, I have since launched 3 editions of ' SKETCHES OF SINGAPORE". Iconic Singapore sketches in mixed media imprinted on merchandise. I have a collection of coasters, placemats, mugs and soon... tote bags. I have three flagship outlets carrying my stocks. I am consolidating my distribution points and making a stronger presence in The Fullerton Shop, Chinatown Heritage Centre and Battlebox Visitor Centre with full range coverage of my merchandise. This year, my Online Shop went live and I personally accept orders both locally and overseas.

Been an amazing journey. There is no end to my learning curve, I have benefitted from each lesson, each trial. Just as I have been boosted by many affirmations, I have also experienced my share of disappointment and downs. Life is like that. We toughen up along the way, we get a little wiser. Que sera sera. More importantly, I have learnt to steer my mind from the negativity and focus on the positive.

I don't know what is going to happen in the second year, I have every intention to keep it simple. I will go with the flow. I am very happy, loving what I do. I am grateful to angels and I am thankful for the wonder friends who rendered me much support and encouragement. I am indebted to my dear business gurus friends who provided me with sound ideas and advice all this while.

I have worked hard. Very hard. In the three and half years since I started my journey, I have completed 104 oil paintings and 50 sketches and mixed media work. Yes, I put in many many hours. In this area of work, practice does pay.

Through it all, all glory to My GOD. Takes too long and so I won't bore you with the details of my journey, I can only say, all these because happened because of ...

God's Amazing Grace, His Awesome Timing and His Tremendous Favour.

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