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Happy New Year !

Will be busy tomorrow so I will do my reflections today. As far as my art journey is concerned, I have had a simply awesome 2016. The year was filled with many highlights, several milestones were achieved, totally unforgettable, they will stay imprinted in my mind. Too many to list, all I can say is that every deal cut was a miracle, many a time, beyond my comprehension, impossible even in my imagination. Not just my mind, my heart too, I know for a fact, I have been blessed.

I am ecstatic that my merchandise is moving at the retail points, am thrilled that there is activity in my online shop, am thankful that my clients give me time and space for creativity, am grateful for institutional and corporate clients for giving me the opportunities and most of all, I am happy that I am able to do what I love. I am busy and my life is full. There were down moments of cos, but I have no complaints.

No matter how many times I have said it, it will never be enough. Thank you dear friends and customers. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. Thank you so much for your affirmation by way of commissions and by buying my artworks and my merchandise.

There is another line line I have been repeating often and I will like to end the year with this line again...

I thank God for His grace, His awesome timing and His tremendous favour.

Finally, to wrap up my final post for the year, here is my New Year greeting, I am using my charcoal sketch of my elephant drawing to wish one and all A BLESSED 2017.

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