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Two pieces of My Singapore

Yesterday was New Year's Day. Everyone is off and I was working on a new project, selling my paintings was furthest from my mind. Who would have thought that I would not only sell one but two pieces at past ten at night! What a way to start the New Year. My client is Swiss. He saw my paintings while dining at Restaurant Labyrinth. He told me he wanted to take a piece of Singapore with him when he returns home to Switzerland. My honor to have these 2 pieces catching his Swiss made eyes. I was away on vacation and then he was away. When we eventually exchanged greetings, it was past Christmas. He told me he could not make up his mind so he decided he will buy both !!! Wa ha ha ha... THIS sale made this New Year the BEST New Year Day ever experienced by yours truly. Thank you so much, Dear Swiss Man, thank you so much for bringing 2 pieces of My Singapore with you home to your Switzerland. :)

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