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Such a normal regular kind of word, 9 letters, D E L I V E R E D. Three deliveries were made in the last two days. I was happy and yet relieved. To me, it spells more than just sending over the paintings, it is about handing over ownership of the paintings, it is about meeting my customer's expectation and about the customers being satisfied with their purchases. Paintings are not regular products. They are personal. They have different price points. For me, it is a big deal to make a sale. Every sale matters. To every new customer, I make an effort to know personally because they are the new owners and they determine the place of residence for my paintings.The paintings I spent hours working on. Every art work has a part of me and a part of me would like to know who is going to have it??? Sounds quirky ? Heh, I was told I am allowed because ... I am... an...artist ???!!! Hahahaha...

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