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sunshine in my mind

This is my first oil painting this year. Number 105. I painted SUNSHINE in Pasir Ris Park. A park in the eastern part of Singapore. A place where bird lovers stake out for hours for precious sightings of milky storks, blue eared kingfishers and more! There is a 6 hectare mangrove forest and boardwalks for visitors to explore, a beach , a cycling track, barbeque pits, picnic tables, playgrounds, beach, resorts and restaurants. This is one of the largest parks in the country. I so love to work on local material. The photograph I referred to was from Mr Fong Yan Kin. To him, I am grateful for use of the photo.

Was a challenge to paint this but then again, if there is no challenge, there will be no fun. Almost 100 hours later, the painting is completed. I started with the roots which were on the dark shadows. Sunshine in my mind kept me going, sunshine in my mind kept me focused... I could see it in my head so I persevered, the end result with the sun's rays radiating from the trees, showed warmth and light.... and hope illuminating the path. Truth be told, what you see is after many attempts. It was tough. Thank God it turned out alright.

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