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Countdown to the big day...

Yesterday was Thursday, April 13 today. 8 more days to THE DAY on April 21. There are so many things to do when it comes to planning an exhibition. A LOT OF PREP WORK, and I am not just talking about painting. THAT is the easy part. I am just so glad there are three of us! ❤️❤️❤️ I made a trip at 10am to the east side of town to get the rest of my work scanned. When I saw the shutters down, I panicked, what happened? She has gone on holiday, oh no!!! The uncle next door saw my panic strickened face, very kindly told me to take a seat at his shop and wait. 😂 Lady J finally appeared some 20 minutes later. 😅After scanning my sketches, I drove to my printer who is also my framer. Spent the rest of the morning looking at the scanned images, making sure the colors matched the original and then spent more time looking and choosing frames for each series of work. After that, I rushed off to the supplier's. Checked out the samples and then drove home. Reached home 230pm. Had a quick lunch, replied some urgent texts and then I have to finish up the last lap of the oil piece that I am currently painting. Please do not think I am complaining. Far from it . Ok ... this is a 'good' kind of busy. Got my adrenaline pumping. Hey, @55, I reckon that is a GOOD thing! 😱

Today, I finished painting my current oil piece and decided to start another one. Hahaha... one more week to Exhibition Day and I am still painting... well, the urge is there and I am painting fast and furious. I realised that I actually paint pretty well under pressure! My strokes are strong, the brush work firm and my hand steady. Hmmm... this is getting fun. I will not push myself, if I can't finish, I can't finish. @55, we know ourselves, all too well... if we can't we can't. No big deal.

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