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Amazing Grace, Awesome Timing and Tremendous Favor

My friend sent me this shot a few hours ago. You know what? I haven't stopped grinning since. Thank goodness I am alone in my garden table cutting up my painting tags. I think I must be quite a sight, looking at this photo repeatedly and then smiling gleefully... to myself. Hahaha...

Tomorrow is THE DAY and the eve of the BIG day tonight, I confess I can't find the words to describe what goes on inside me. I am about to burst with excitement! I am just so happy looking at the stands with my paintings and my prints. Wahhhhh... it is REAL. An exhibition that I can call my own, shared with 2 school mates from the same junior college, celebrating our 55th year. Cool. Very cool.

I remember in the earlier planning days, we were worried that we could not meet 55 pieces of work. Can you believe that we have now exceeded that? Just me alone... 28 pieces, 8 oils and 20 prints!

This whole experience has added so much to my art journey. Learned so much, grown so much as a person and added so much to me as a professional artist. I have received the goodwill bestowed to me by so many people. I will not forget you and you and you.

To me, it is an incredible feat...ya, Living@55 Art Exhibition... happening tomorrow. I think this is not the first time I am saying this, I will say it again and again...My art journey, from beginning to now, all that has happened, it is because of GOD's amazing grace, His awesome timing and His tremendous favour. I have experienced it. TGBAG and TBIYTB.


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