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Limit reached ... 50th print SOLD today!

One of the high points of the exhibition is this framed print. I had named it 'CNY Festive Cheer'. Earlier in the year, I sold 46 pieces to one dept in UOB. No, I didn't sell my original. I just sold my prints. We agreed to put a limit to this print run. 50. My normal practice is 20 and l am far from selling out any prints of my mixed media sketches. I put this up at the exhibition. Last night, I sold numbers 47, 48 and 49. I wondered to myself, who is going to buy the last print? Or is there really going to be one? Things happen when you least expect it. I sold it this morning! To my last Visitor today! Yay ! I am soo thrilled, so happy. 50 framed prints! ALL SOLD. Can you believe it???!!! 😳😳😳 #TGBAG

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