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glacy and friends... art showcase at chinatown heritage centre

I will start talking about IT. I firmed up everything this morning and I think I should get some form of publicity going. 😉

Name of the next showcase is ... GLACY AND FRIENDS Venue: Chinatown Heritage Centre Duration : July, August, September 2017

I will put it on record that it wasn't my idea to name it as such but well, under the circumstances, it seemed like a good idea. I agreed.

There will be 2 parts to this exhibition. Instalment one will feature my 2 gfs. They were with me in the LIVING @55 exhibition at SUTD. Yoke Ying and Joyce Tan will again join me in this thematic showcase, featuring Chinatown. Happening soon. July.

I have 2 very special "senior" friends, both NAFA trained artists, who will be featuring their works with me in Instalment Two. My fishmonger artist friend, Mr Tan Siak Thong and my ACJC Art teacher, Mr Lim Teow Lin. This will be in August.

Hahaha, we were not joking when we say we are celebrating 55 differently! For the gentlemen, one 72 and the other 82, this is so very special. They are excited about the forthcoming show and I am so thrilled that they are so happy ! #TBIYTB #TGBAG

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