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Introducing my ACJC art teacher, Mr Lim Teow Lin

Part 2 of 'glacy and friends' will start in August, at the Chinatown Heritage Centre. There is a special "teacher and student" collaboration, one that means a

lot to me. Mr Lim Teow Lin, my ACJC art teacher who is now 82 years old and I, his student from 38 years ago. 😉 I am so happy and so honored to be able to do this showcase with him. Since reconnecting with him 2 years ago, I have been popping by his home and I have managed to sieve through some of his works. His subject matter is varied but I can clearly see he has a soft spot for certain things.😱 He loves to paint famous ACSians. He loves the ACS Buildings, the iconic clock tower in Barker Road, the ACJC campus. He spent 32 years in ACS. He taught Chinese, Art and was teacher in charge of Badminton and NCC. He has become truly ACSIAN by pure association! Do you know he was actually a Catholic High Boy?😱 I looked through his many folders and found some material that I thought would fit the theme of Chinatown. I picked 8 pieces, had them cleaned up and framed. They will be exhibited and are for sale. They are mostly water color works. All originals. The exhibition is on for the whole month of August. CHC is open daily, 9 am to 8pm. The address is 48, Pagoda Street. I am also planning his mini launch party. It will be on August 18th, Friday, from 6 to 8pm. Mr Wan Fook Weng will be our VIP and of cos, Mr Lim Teow Lin himself will be there. If you are interested, please drop me a line. There are some constraints in space and so admission will be by invitation only. Text me please. Also, very importantly, I must put it on record that two wonderful persons helped us put this together. To Ms M Zhang my heartfelt thanks ❤️and to Mr Wan YF, thank you thank you! 😉 #TBIYTB YAY !!

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