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Moving on.... A GlacySohArt Gallery

My REMINSCING THE CHARM OF CHINATOWN Solo Exhibition ended today. I have had a wonderful month. Truly, I have gained a wealth of experience doing my own show and managing my own merchandise. It may looked like nothing much but the execution of an exhibition actually took me months of research, planning and painting. I am thankful that I have moved my stocks, sold my prints and even sold my originals. I must confess that I have had many anxious moments. So many WHAT IFs?

Every artist needs a morale boost, a sale is not just about getting paid, the sale itself is an affirmation, an encouragement, tantamount to an approving nod for the efforts and time spent in the months of preparation leading to the exhibition. It is unlike holding a regular job where the pay is automatically Giro-ed into your bank account. Artists do not have this luxury. We hold our breath and we hope for the best.

So what happens after the exhibition? Normally, we have to take down and take back all the paintings. For me, the icing on the cake this time, is the allocation of 2 walls next to my merchandise display cabinet by the Management of Chinatown Heritage Centre. I cannot believe my ears when I first received the news! It was sheer joy ! Yes, starting October 1st, which is tomorrow, I shall have my very own GlacySohArt Gallery. At Chinatown Heritage Centre. How COOL is that ??? Many thanks to CHC. Many MANY THANKS. To God Be All Glory. YAY!!!

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