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A GlacySohArt Showcase

Well, folks it is a MINI NO MORE ! The turn of events these last 2 weeks were so amazing, I just have to share this with you, my friends who have been journeying with me. A month ago, I celebrated my big 55th. That afternoon of Sept 27, I received a call from Haw Par Villa. The intention was to list my stocks. I was very very happy. What a birthday gift!!! I let out a big YAY and the husband looked up from his books and cautioned me that I haven't hung up the phone yet !!! Hahaha... Then, I was asked to go for meetings with the HPV management. I went but did wonder why? They asked me if can paint some of their corners? Yes, I can but I told them I am a Christian and there are things that I will not paint. They were very understanding and took me for a private tour of the villa compounds. I took some photographs of the sites and the corners that I liked and worked on 4 paintings. They liked what I did and I was then asked to produce Haw Par Villa merchandise! Yay !!! They also requested for the paintings to be displayed at the Visitor Centre and of cos, I agreed. The big fiesta this weekend is going to draw crowds, they have been drumming up publicity, I know this will be a boost for my works and merchandise. Well, the story did not end here, the HPV folks then decided to feature me in their program and hear this, somehow, don't know what happened in between, I received a call to inform me that they have decided to allocate a WHOLE PAVILION for me to showcase my works !!! Ya, unbelievable right ??? I was so taken aback ! What happened? Suddenly, the MINI is no more, it has become HUGE!!! God's hand at work. I know. It has to come from HIM. I bear testimony to this because through it all, I did not open my mouth to ask for anything. Not once. My friends who know me well, will imagine me squealing and jumping, right ? Ya, I did that and that too. Haha... and I know, my friends whom I know well, you are likely to be smiling, grinning and rejoicing with me. 😍 So there, told you already, if you have time this weekend, do pop by. Take the MRT, stop at Balmeg. Don't drive. Parking lots limited. Just ask for the Artist's Pavilion and you will find me there. Don't worry, not hot, the Artist's Pavilion is air conditioned! 😁 #TGBAG

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