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So I learned how to set up shop with the help of a Young Genius who was patient with me and taught me how and to this day, I am still learning. I guess it is essential to LEARN on the job, at least for me. I feel very inadequate but somehow I have to keep up. Ok folks, I have now a 'SHOP NOW' button ! Hahaha... like very big deal ? It is, to me. You can access my online shop when you hit the button. Yay !

Ok, here is a short update on the stock status of my sets.

Chinatown Series Today, I launched an online series. Changed one design. Not telling which one! ;)

Peranakan Series Only 2017 available. The old ones are completely sold out. There may still be a few sets floating at the retail outlets but I have no stock with me, so the OLD series is sold out! YAY !!!

National Monuments Series Coasters are available. Placemats are running low. Going to phase this out soon.

Specs Cloths In stock.

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