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The Extra Mile

I got to share this. It isn't just about selling the framed print, though I was over the moon because of it, it is about the customer centered service that went along with this sale. I was at Downtown East earlier this afternoon when I received a text from the staff of Chinatown Heritage Centre. A customer was keen to make the purchase but she wanted a box to put the painting in. They asked me if I have a box? Well, I don't put my paintings in boxes, I put cardboard corners on the 4 corners and shrink-wrapped the whole piece. Aiyoo, I was in Pasir Ris! Anyway, the customer said she will return in an hour, CHC then sent one of the staff to hunt for a suitable box. They found one and we waited, well, sometimes people change their minds, you never know! Well, got the news... painting sold to a German tourist! YAY ! To the staff at CHC, thank you so much. You guys are SUPER! 😘

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