One completed and the other in the works...

November 19, 2017



Moving on ...yep, moving on, actually I have completed a mixed media commission for a lovely client who has just given me her stamp of approval. It is off to the Framer's tomorrow but because it is a secret, I can't post it until next week! 😱 
My next piece of work is for a very patient client. She has been so kind to me. 😘 This piece is called "Bhangra", a piece she is gifting to her granddaughter. So honored I have been tasked to do this. 
When doing buildings and people, I like to keep proportion and perspectives as close as possible to the given material. I scale everything proportionately, not taking chances to sketch freehand. I use a ruler, a calculator, a pencil, eraser and an eraser vacuum and do a quick sketch before applying the colors. Details and depth depends on prep work, at least for me, that is how it works. 
5 gallant Bhangra dancers in costumes so bright and colorful ... I hope I will do them justice. 🙏🏻

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