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My Christmas Gifts

If something is good, I like to do it again and again. Last year, I got arrowed to do a Christmas cover, I painted The Nativity Scene. It was called "THE FIRST NOEL'. The reception caught me by surprise, it was very well received, a lot of people liked it. I then decided to put the drawing onto tote bags as my personal gifts for my fellow ministry workers. This year, actually just some weeks back, the same painting was used by our Church's Senior Fellowship as their cover for their year end Thanksgiving Dinner. It was heartening to know that after one year, there is still 'usability' in my old painting.

This year, I painted another nativity scene. I titled it ' FOR UNTO US A CHILD IS BORN'. In my opinion, there is no better scene than the Nativity scene in depicting Christmas. I did the same thing as last year, I put the drawing on merchandise, this time, on round coasters with a small greeting card and they will be my personal gifts this year. I didn't mass produce. Oh ya, it is a collector's! Cos you can't buy them !!! ;)

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