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The Hand of Almighty

Today, Facebook prompted me of a feature from a platform that I joined in the earlier days of my art journey. The Commissioned is a platform of over 300 artists from all over the world. Harpers Art Review Jan 2016 Issue did a write up called ART ONLINE and they used my painting as the pictorial feature. I had no clue that the piece was being used until a friend who read the article, snapshot it and sent to me !!! The feelings then were one of astonishment, exhilaration and today, I am reminded of this and guess what, I still feel so very flattered and can't stop grinning! Haha...

I joined The Commissioned platform back in 2014 when I was so very new and green in the industry. I got my first commissioned order from the platform and no one would believe it, my art was also 'zoomed' into when CNN did a feature on The Commissioned !!! True, Sept 19, 2015, I had a 4 seconds airtime on CNN. My jaw dropped and I believed, along with me, a lot of other jaws too !!! What are the chances? I can only say, the Hand of God moves and seriously, how co-incidental it was that the customer did not pick up her painting on time and how it was left lying in the office and how uncannily when the CNN crew came, they picked my piece and hung it on the wall to ZOOM !!!??? Why they picked my piece to zoom in was truly something I will never find out, some people say "lucky me" ? I tell you, NO !!! I know, too many co-incidences, it has to be, the Good Lord has everything to do with it. I can't thank HIM enough. I could not stop grinning for days. Hahaha... even now.

Last year, I made a decision to leave The Commissioned platform because my hands are simply too full. I have since started my own company, launched my own website, my own online shop, my retail outlets, my own FB page, commissions and my own paintings, all of which are keeping me busy.

My brush with media did not quite end. Somehow, word got around about me and my work and though new, interestingly, I was asked to be interviewed by on a writeup about ASK THE EXPERTS : ART LESSONS 101. Being labelled as an 'expert' was something that I didn't think I quite measure up but well... I did my part and gave some input. This was Oct 26, 2015.

Last year, November 13, 2017, I was featured in LianheZaoBao. Again, twists, turns of events and situations and I ended up being featured. It started with my participation in Haw Par Villa's 80th Anniversary Fiesta. I was formally introduced at the Media Launch and how and why the Zaobao reporter came and look for me and eventually do a writeup was really quite incredible.

Thought it will be interesting to see how much media exposure I have had and until today, honestly, I didn't know. When I put the dates down, I realised that I have been blessed with some coverage every year !!! What are the odds???

Sept 19, 2015 CNN 4 seconds airtime

Oct 26, 2015 Interview with LittleDayOut : Ask the Experts/ Art Lessons 101

Jan 2016 Harpers Art Review ( Painting featured)

Nov 13, 2017 Feature in LianHeZaoBao

To this day, things continue to happen, AMAZING things. I know and I bear testimony, the Hand of GOD moves. #TGBAG

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