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My Bonus Moments

My friend R who has just stepped into the world of self employment, said to me that his ex colleagues were talking about bonuses. People who worked for corporations, the BONUS is THE THING that everyone looks forward to. Being on his own, he has no bonus and I reckoned it is first time he has to deal with it. He said he is going to ask GOD for his bonus. Well, he got his answer you know, the side biz that he and his wife do on CNY has to go into a second round of production very soon because the orders kept coming! Can you believe it ? Amazing! What happened there? BONUS he asked, he got it ya ? And MORE!!! Well, I am also self employed. I have no bonus too but guess what, I got a 'bonus' feeling on Tuesday when my client sent me an earlier than normal bank notification that payment has been effected. 😄Another client wrote to me that payment is being prepared and I will get my cheque soon. Yet another, transferred me the money even though he has not collected his stuff yet! So there, I too have my 'bonus' moments. Work life is just as interesting even for the self employed. Ok, I guess it also depends on how you look at things. 😱#TGBAG

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