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Dec 2015, I started a little company called GlacySohArt. I just crossed the second year mark and is 2 months into my 3rd year of operation. Over breakfast this morning, I was sitting around, talking to the husband about my clients and guess what, I was utterly stunned when I started naming them!

You know, I have actually amassed a very SOLID client list!!! Credit to my large network of friends who are instrumental in the progress of my work, it is a fact that I could not have journeyed this far without my dear friends. They buy, they give and they talk ...the sets get passed from one to another to yet another and we know all too well, word of mouth is so very powerful, so much so that at the end, when the deals and orders come, there are times I do not know who I am dealing with! Sometimes, I can't even trace who opened the door for me! There are so many angels in my life, it is totally unbelievable the opportunities I am getting.

Many of my customers are my friends. I have so many I can't name all but you betcha I remember every single one, the old brain still good and I keep record of who bought what and when! ;) Then there is a second group, I have a lot of friends of friends who buy my work and there are quite a few who commissioned me to paint. Of late, there is another group, an increasing number of people I don't know at all, different nationalities, from all parts of the world and locals from all walks of life. Truly, I am so glad and so thankful that my work has found favour with so many.

And here is my list of Official Corporate Clients that caused such a big lump in my throat this morning. The list as of today. Each has a story and how they become my client is surely by the Grace and the Mighty Hand of God.

Singapore Management University

Singapore University of Technology and Design

National University of Singapore

Methodist Girls' School

Singapore Armed Forces

Kaplan Singapore

United Overseas Bank

DHL Singapore

Conference Connection Pte Ltd

Association of Aerospace Industries (Singapore)

Changi Airport Group

What can I say? Rock solid, right??? Five words that sum it all ...


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